Goal WeightLaunch
My Geo LogsLaunch
Winsipedia College FootballLaunch
Swimsuit - Rookie To Cover - SI
Lenny Kravitz - NBA - TNTLaunch
Reese's Perfect Play - NCAA
March Madness Live Ads - NCAA - 2011, 2012
Post Season Ads - MLB
Bracket Creation Tool - NCAA
Count Down Clock - PGA - 2011, 2012
Lighter Box 2Launch
Apple - Graphite on paper
Bellpepper - Graphite on paper
Broccoli - Graphite on paper
Shoe - Graphite on paper
Harvest - Graphite on paper
Hibiscus - Oil on canvas
Tree Line - Oil on paper
Clouds - Oil on canvas
Palms - Gouache on paper
Peach - Vector
Guitar - Vector
Self Portrait - Vector

Other Projects and Experience


Hi! I'm Richard. I work as a freelance web developer and web designer serving clients globally. I work on projects for a very wide range of clientele from small businesses and also larger brands such as NBA, MLB, NCAA, PGA and other similar brands.

With this experience I have come to better understand the inner workings of professional brands and branding. But, more importantly I understand the technical requirements that go along with the larger scale web experiences of these brands. I have produced commercial quality web experiences in regards to marketing and branding goals. Myself, being both creative and technical, I am able to move between creative and technical rolls. I feel this allows me to have a “big picture” understanding of what's happening with all aspects of a product/experience. I also believe that this understanding has attributed to the success of the interactive experiences I have been a part of launching.

You, Me and Us

Your relationship is very important. I view everyone I partner with as unique and I really do care about your design needs. I’d like to provide a unique and beneficial design experience for you. If you have questions, need any advice on web design or web development, and/or if you are interested in working with me as your design partner please let me know. I’d would be happy to work with you!

-Richard Lee
Transcendent Design

Richard Lee

As a professional he is a creative individual who likes to produce high quality products. He enjoys exploring, playing, and learning. Some of the things he likes to do are longboard skateboarding, playing and writing music, producing quality experiences and spending time with his family.

E-mail: RichardAndrewLee@gmail.com
Phone: 678-640-1042
Linked-In: linkedin.com/in/richardandrewlee
Resume / CV: Richard Lee’s Resume